Situated on the site of the Iconic Sweetwater Casino

Established in 1927, the Sweetwater Casino was an iconic site well known across South Jersey for its riverside dining, banquet facility and of course, its cheese! The Sweetwater Casino never did contain an actual casino, but rather, it got its name during the Prohibition period when it was run as a speakeasy to drink booze and gamble. In its day, Sweetwater Casino was the sight of many wonderful weddings. Many folks still return to the site of the old Sweetwater Casino with fond memories of the special times they had there.

The Fire

Early one morning in the summer of 2008, a fire broke out at Sweetwater Casino. The blaze was reported at 4am and wasn’t put out for another two hours. Ironically, firefighters struggled with the flames because of a lack of water; tankers had to be brought in from other towns, since Sweetwater is so rural. By the time firefighters got the blaze under control, the building was destroyed. Investigators later determined that a lightning strike to the building was the cause of the devastating scene.

Meet The New Owners

Having spent their summers on the Mullica River for over 30 years, Mike and Kimmie Iles are personally invested in the future of Sweetwater. The Iles Family purchased the former Sweetwater Casino in early 2016. Knowing the memories The Casino held for so many, Mike and Kim consider themselves very lucky to give life back to one of South Jersey’s best kept secrets.

Mike and Kim own a summer home with their cousins, Lisa and Terry Rossi right down the street from Sweetwater. When they are not at Sweetwater, they love to be out on the water with their two sons, Max and Mikey who also work at Sweetwater.